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Suneast E-FLOW-610 波焊接机 (50~610mm, 4350x1690x1750mm)

Dimension:LxWxH(mm)     4350x1690x1750

Weigh:        Approx 1950kg

Power Supply:        3PH 380V 50HZ

Startup Power:            45KW

Operation Powr Consumption:        Approx.11KW

Control System:        PC+PLC        

Spraying movement:        Step motor

Spray Pressure:        0.2Mpa-0.4Mpa

Flux Flow Arrange:        Option

Auto Fill Flux:        Standard        

Exhaust:        Top exhaust+Side exhaust

Exhaust Ducting Diameter(mm):        Φ250

Exhaust Fan Power:         750W      

Preheating Mode:   Convection / IR emitter

Control Mode:        PID        

Preheating Zone Number:        3

Preheating Length(mm):        1800

Preheating Temperature:        Room temperature~200℃

Warm-upTime(min):        Approx.12min (setting:150℃)

Blower Motor:        250W  3PH  220VAC

PCB Width(mm):          50-610

Convoyor Direction:        L-R (Option:R-L)

Conveyor Speed(mm/min):        500~1800

Conveyor Height(mm):        750±20

Available Component Heigh (mm):  Top 120, Bottom 15

Conveyor Speed Control Mode:  Frequency converter closed-loop stepless speed regulation

Fingers:   Heavy-duty double Finger/Option: special Finger for Fixture

Conveyor Angle:        4-7°        

Type of solder Pot:        Motor drive

Solder Pot Material:        Casting Iron

Wave Height Adjustment:       Frequency converter: computer digital control

Cooling Method:        Forced air cooling, Option: water cooler

Heater Power:       18KW  

Solder Pot Temperature:        300℃

Solder Pot Capacity:        Approx.640KG

Wave Drive Power:     180W*2  3PH 220VAC

Solder Pot Warm-up Time:        Approx.150min (setting:250℃)

Temperature Control Mode:        PID

Finger Cleaning System:        Brush



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