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Suneast UXT-810N 氮气回流炉 (Dual tracks, 10 heating zones, 20 heating modules)

Heating system

- Heating zone structure:   10 heating zones, 20 heating modules        

- Heating zone length:   3670mm

- Heating up time:        25min

- Outlet Exhaust Diameter,valume:        2-Φ145,Exhaust demand 10m³/min x2

Cooling system        

- Cooling type:        Three cooling zones:forced water cooling

- Cooling zone length:        1250mm

- Chiller power:        5P Water chiller

Conveyor system

- Conveyor Type:        Chain + mesh belt synchronous transmission

- Conveyer Direction: L→R,R→L

- Converyer Height:        900±20mm

- Component Height:         Clearance  above  30mm, Clearance below  25mm

- Conveyor Speed:        300mm-2000mm/min

- Guide rail structure:        Dust free special hardened guide rail

- PCB Width:      min 50mm-max 250mm (Dual tracks); min 50mm- max 450mm (Single track)

- Fixed Rail Mode:   The front and rear guide rails are fixed, and the middle two guide rails are movable

Control system

- Power:        AC3Ø  5W380V  50/60HZ

- Total Power:  96KW

- Startup Power:      38KW

- Normal consumption:         11KW

- Temp Control Range:        Room temperature to 320℃

- Control type:        PC+PLC Control system

- Temp Control accuracy:        ±1℃

- PCB Temp Deviation:  ±2℃

- Data Storage:        Process Data and status stotage

- Power Outage Protection:        Equipped with UPS

- Operation Interface:        Windows Chinese simplified, English online free switching

- N2 area:        Full nitrogen filling(The model with ""N"" refers to the nitrogen model)

- MES:        Standard

- Computer:        Commercial computer


- Dimension(LxWxH): 6400*1710*1650mm

- Weight:   2900-3100kg

- Flux recovery system:        Standard

- Color:        Bright wrinkled white


◆High heat energy, low energy consumption, high power motor matching wind wheel,theoretical and practical verification; under the same conditions set, can ensure the small and large components to achieve the minimum heat absorption difference,and achieve the best thermal balance;

◆The latest thermal insulation technology and the new furnace structure design can effectively reduce the furnace surface temperature and reduce the heat loss;

◆Imported PLC program controller, stable and reliable performance,high precision of temperature control and curve repetition;

◆Double-sided guiderail with special hardening treatment, strong and durable,repeatable use, cost saving up to 50%;

◆Online maintenance of rosin recycling system, modular design,convenient maintenance, reduce maintenance time;

◆Patented hotair system, hotair convection conduction more efficient, faster heat compensation;

◆Built-in real-time monitoring system of furnace temperature,which can automatically generate furnace temperature curve(option) ;

◆Intelligent data can be traced and uploaded toMES system.

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