Sunruy PLA-300-color PLA塑料丝(3mm)

Material: PLA
Diameter: 3mm
Print Temperature:190-220 Degree
Support layer: optional 
Net. weight :1KG(2.2lbs) Deviation: 2%
Gross Weight: 1.3KG(2.9lbs) Deviation: 2%
Accuracy: 1.75+/-0.1mm
Color:Black,white,red,yellow,blue,light blue(or sky blue),orange,green,light green, fluorescence yellow, fluorescence green,purple, 
Violet,pink,brown,rose red,gold,skin,wood,grey,silk,transparent/clear, Bronze.Natural, viridity, grass green , ivory, various 
transparent color and fluorescence color.more than 32 colors can be selected.

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