TECLOCK DT-50G 表面张力计(6gf〜50gf / 2gf)(带辅助针)

Manufacturer: TECLOCK

Model: DT-50G

Origin: Japan

Warranty: 12 months

Measuring Range: 6gf~50gf

Graduation: 2gf

Dial Reading: 6-50-6

Weight: 56 g




 • These are mechanical tension gauges displaying in Newton, which can measure precise and moment force like tensile force or compression force

 • Miniature bearing is adopted to contact point bearing. and it can obtain stable indication accuracy.

 • It can be used for the wide range of usage for contact force such as micro-switch, relay, valve, and measuring force of dial indicator, and spring force of precise spring, and pressing force of key-board.

 • There are 2 types of standard type which sustains momentary highest value, and peak pointer type .

 • It is a multi-purpose dynamometer to use the Y head or L hooks.

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