TECLOCK GS-610 橡胶硬度测试支架

Manufacturer: TECLOCK

Model: GS-610 

Origin: Japan

Warranty: 12 months

Lowering speed adjustable range: 1[mm/sec] – 19[mm/sec], by 1[mm/sec] 

Power: 100 - 240V AC (AC adapter accessory)

Weight: Approx. 9kg 

Type: Automatic Motor Driving 



●Hardness can be measured by durometer with load and speed prescribed as standard only by operating switch.

●Varying in some degree of data measured by pushing by hand has been

dramatically improved due to adopting stepping motor driving system.

●Alignment unit which realizes high contact between indentor (contact point) of durometer and test piece is mounted.

●1kg can be measured by type A and type E durometer as they are. Measuring by type D needs optional weight ZY-046 for

measuring 5kg.. Digital durometer GSD series needs optional weight ZY-090 for measuring 1kg..


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