TECLOCK MB-1050 千分表磁性测试台(6.0 / 8.0mm)

Manufacturer : TECLOCK

Model : MB-1050

Origin : Japan

Warranty : 12 months

Holding Power: 800 N

Mount Hole Diameter: 6.0/8.0 mm

Weight: 1.4 kg

Type: One-touch, fine adjustment




• Magnetic base can hold a measuring device such as dial indicator.

 • Adaptor (Internal diameter φ6mm) is supplied for holding test indicators on model : MB-1040 and MB-1050

 • MB-1040 / 1050 can also be fixed with dovetail of auto-clutch lever test.

 • Dial indicator is mounted to MB-B with lug back and test indicator is clamped with stem (It can not be clamped with dovetail).

 • MB-1040 / 1050 can not be clamped with dovetail.

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