TECLOCK SD-465A 数显千分表(12-150mm / 0.001mm)

Manufacturer: TECLOCK

Model: SD-465A

Origin: Japan 

Warranty: 12 months

Measuring Range: 12(150) mm

Resolution: 0.001 mm

Gauge Error: ±0.003 mm

Specimen Table Size: W80×D80

Power Supply: DC 3V (AA size battery×2)

Weight: 3.4 kg



 • Springs and pressed parts which are used for precision equipments, computer terminal and home

electric goods can be measured just before their shapes are changed due to measuring force.

 • If detecting contact between sensor (contact point) and work piece by energizing, it simultaneously

sounds (buzzer) when LED lamp is lighting.. Then read the value which is detected.

 • Micro-motion is adjusted by 12mm with upper knob.

 • Work piece of maximum 150mm can be measured by using block gauge.

 • As detection is implemented by energizing, work piece which is not energized can not be measured.

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