TECLOCK USG-32 花岗岩高度计台

Manufacturer : TECLOCK

Model : USG-32

Origin : Japan

Warranty : 12 months

Specimen Table Size (A×B×C): 250×250×50 mm

Movable Range (D): 53~250 mm

Bush (φE): φ8 mm

Weight: 12.5 kg

Type: Square Screw, Arm Slide



 • Natural micro-granite is used for all granite comparator stands.

 • Flatness accuracy : within 0.001mm / 200mm square.

 • Sliding smoothly and objects to be measured are not damaged. It is superior for anti-abrasion.

 • The rigid granite base is free from burrs and pileups.

 • It is easy for maintenance as base never suffers from rust. 

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