Tekbox TBPS01-TBWA2/20dB 近场探头套件 宽带放大器

Features of probes:

Slim design for good access in between tightly spaced components

Shielded loops to avoid picking up common mode noise; insensitive to the human hand

Frequency range: up to 6GHz, see coupling plots of the respective probes

SMB connectors to avoid twisting the RF cable when scanning DUTs

Insulated with rubber coating

Dimensions of probes:

H20 H-Field: 170 mm (length); 20 mm (loop); n.a. (tip)

H10 H-Field: 170 mm (length); 10 mm (loop); n.a. (tip)

H5 H-Field: 170 mm (length); 5 mm (loop);  n.a. (tip)

E5 E-Field: 170 mm (length); n.a. (loop);  5 mm (tip)

Technical Data of TBWA2/20dB:

Input: 50 Ohm, SMA

Output: 50 Ohm, SMA

Nominal supply Voltage: 4.5 - 5V, typ. 110mA, Mini-USB-B connector

Maximum supply voltage: 5.5V

Maximum input power: +10dBm

1dB output compression point @ 2GHz: +20dBm

3rd order output intercept point @ 2GHz, Pin = 0dBm/tone, Δf = 10MHz: +35dBm

Reverse isolation S12, 0.1 …6GHz: 40dB

Noise Figure @ 2GHz:  4.5 … 5 dB

Dimensions: 48 mm x 63mm x 20mm


1 MHz:  14.8 dB

10 MHz: 20.2 dB

100 MHz: 20.2 dB

500 MHz: 20 dB

1 GHz: 19.8 dB

2 GHz: 19 dB

3 GHz: 17.6 dB

4.5 GHz: 17.4 dB

6 GHz: 15.4 dB





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