Tekon 550 功率分析仪(600kW,600V,1000A)

1P2W, 3P3W (balance), 3P3W, 3P4W (sequential
Measurement range 16W~600㎾
Measurement parameters Active power, inactive power, apparent power
Resolution 100㎽
Quality of power Power, power factor (PF), THD (%), unbalanced rate (%)
Frequency 40㎐~200㎐
Measuring mode Measures voltage and current at the same time
Bandwidth DC to 100㎐
Order of harmonic 1th ~ 50th
Display of measurement value Chart, graph
Target Voltage, current
DC voltage 1㎷~600V
AC voltage 1㎷~600V
DC 10㎃~1000A
AC 10㎃~1000A
Power 16W~600kW
Trend analysis yes
Data storage 20

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