Tekon 610 变压器分析仪(,40V,2A,单相,功率分析仪)

LCD display 1024×600 pixels, 7.0-in color TFT screen (touch panel)
Power(battery) 7.2V/5.2A Li-ion, 12V/2.5A Adaptor
Communication USB, Bluetooth
Print External printer
Data Storage MicroSD(8GB)
0°C±45°C, RH 85% max
Storage temp/humidity -20°C±60°C, RH 85% max
Dimension 270(L)×246(W)×124(H) mm
Weight 3.0kg
Type Single-phase
Range for turns ratio
5Vac 1~1,999(0.1%)
40Vac 1~1,999(0.1%)
Excitation voltage 1V, 5V, 10V, 40V
Excitation current 0~2A
Phase angle
Range: 0~360degree
Accuracy: ±0.2degree+2dgts
Transformer ratio testing
- Measurable range : 1~15,000
- Excitation voltage: 1Vac, 5Vac, 10Vac, 40Vac
- Type: Single-phase (basic),
Polarity testing
- Identifies additive polarity and subtractive polarity
- Measures turns ratio
Angular displacement
(phase shift) testing,
phase rotation testing
- Measures phase-to-phase voltage and winding voltage
- Vector analysis
- Checks displacement via diagram
- ACV (external reference meter)
Impedance testing
- Load loss: Power analyzer
- Measurement of phase voltage: Power analyzer
- Test results displayed
- Rated current (external reference meter)
No-load testing
- No-load loss: Power analyzer
- Excitation current: Power analyzer
- Rated voltage (external reference meter)
Voltage fluctuation rate,
- Values resulting from measurement displayed
Power analyzer
Voltage input AC+DC
Input channels 4
Voltage range(L–N)
Phase voltage (L-N) : 50 ~ 1000 VRMS
Line voltage (L-L) : 50 ~ 1730 VRMS
Measurable range 10% ~ 150% of nominal voltage
Sampling 10.24k Samples/sec @ 50/60㎐
Frequency 40 ~ 70㎐ ± 20 m㎐
Current input AC+DC
Cable for measurement, 12V/2.5A power adaptor, 7.2V/5.2Ah Li-ion battery,
USB cable, Micro SD card (8GB), portable bag, PC S/W, user’s manual

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