Tektronix DSA71604B 数字示波器租赁服务

EMIN supply Tektronix DSA71604B Digital Oscilloscope Rental Service

Note: 16GHz Bandwidth, 5XL(50M on all four channels)/ MTH(Serial Mask testing)/ ST(Serial pattern trigger)/ ASM( Advanced search & Mark)/ ERRDT(Frame and Bit Error Rate Detector for High-speed Serial Standards (Requires Opt. ST6G))/ STU(Upgrade from 3.125 Gb/s to 6.25 Gb/s 8b/10b Serial Protocol Trigger and Decode)/ RTE(RT-Eye Serial compliance and analysis)/ SST(Serial pattern trigger)/ JA3(Jitter Advanced)/ PTD(Protocol Trigger and Decode)/ DJA (Jitter and eye diagram Tools)

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