Tektronix RSA603A USB 频谱分析仪(9kHz~3GHz)

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    Model: RSA603A
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Features and benefits
9 kHz to 3.0/7.5 GHz frequency range covers a broad range of analysis
40 MHz acquisition bandwidth enables real time analysis for transient
capture and vector analysis
Amplitude accuracy of 0.2 dB to 3 GHz (95% confidence)
Standard GPS/GLONASS/Beidou receiver
Optional tracking generator for gain/loss, antenna and cable
Streaming capture can be used to record and play back long term
SignalVu-PC software offers real time signal processing with DPX
Spectrum/Spectrogram to minimize time spent finding transient
100 μsec minimum signal duration with 100% probability of intercept
ensure you see problems first time, every time
Application programming interface included for development of custom
Accessories including tablet PC, calibration kits, adapters and phasestable
cables offer a complete solution for design, characterization, and
General signal analysis Description
Spectrum analyzer Spans from 100 Hz to 7.5 GHz, 3 traces
+ math and spectrogram trace,
5 markers with power, relative power,
integrated power, power density and
dBc/Hz functions
DPX spectrum/spectrogram Real time display of spectrum with 100%
probability of intercept of 100 usec
signals in up to 40 MHz span
Amplitude, frequency, phase vs. time,
RF I and Q vs. time
Basic vector analysis functions
Time overview/navigator Enables easy setting of acquisition and
analysis times for deep analysis in
multiple domains
Spectrogram Analyze and re-analyze your signal in 2-
D or 3-D waterfall display
AM/FM listening Hear and record to file FM and AM
Signal recording Record 40 MHz bandwidth for reanalysis
in all domains including real
time spectrum analysis (requires
application SV56 for Playback)
Analog modulation analysis Description
AM, FM, PM analysis Measures key AM, FM, PM parameters
RF measurements Description
Spurious measurement User-defined limit lines and regions
provide automatic spectrum violation
testing across the entire range of the
Spectrum emission mask User-set or standards-specific masks.
Occupied bandwidth Measures 99% power, -xdB down
Channel power and ACLR Variable channel and adjacent/alternate
channel parameters.
MCPR Sophisticated, flexible multi-channel
power measurements.
CCDF Complementary Cumulative Distribution
Function plots the statistical variations in
signal level.
Signal strength with audio tone Measures signal strength and displays a
spectrum and signal strength bar for
interference hunting and signal quality


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