TEKTRONIX TBS1052C Digital Oscilloscope (50Mhz, 2 channels, 1GS/s)

Bandwidth: 50 MHz

Channels: 2 

Sample Rate: 1 GS/s 

Record Length: 20 K points 

Vertical system - Analog channels

Vertical resolution: 8 bits

Input sensitivity range: 1 mV/div to 10 V/div max. in 1-2-5 sequence with probe attenuation set to 1X

DC gain accuracy: ±3.0 % step gain, derated at 0.1 %/°C above 30 °C

Maximum Input Voltage: 300 VRMS, Installation Category II; derate above 4 MHz at 20 dB per decade to 200 MHz

Offset range: 

1 mV/div to 50 mV/div: ± 1 V

100 mV/div to 500 mV/div: ± 10 V

1 V/div to 5 V/div : ± 100 V

Bandwidth limit: 20 MHz (Typ)

Input coupling: DC, AC

Input impedance: 1 MΩ ±2 % in parallel with 14 pF ±2 pF

Vertical zoom: Vertically expand or compress a live or stopped waveform

Horizontal system - Analog channels

Timebase accuracy: 20 ppm

Trigger system:

External trigger input: Included on all models

Trigger modes: Auto, Normal, Single Sequence

Trigger Types:

Edge Positive or negative slope on any channel. Coupling includes DC, HF reject, LF reject, and noise reject.

Pulse Width Trigger: on width of positive or negative pulses that are >, <, =, or ≠ a specified period of time.

Runt Trigger: on a pulse that crosses one threshold but fails to cross a second threshold before crossing the first again.

Trigger source: CH1, CH2, AUX IN, AC Line

Trigger: Coupling DC, Noise Reject, High Frequency Reject, Low Frequency Reject

Waveform measurements: 

Cursors Time, Amplitude, Screen Gating Isolate the specific occurrence within an acquisition to take measurements on, using either the screen, between waveform cursors or full record length.

Display Type: 7-inch TFT Color Display

Display Resolution: 800 horizontal by 480 vertical displayed pixels (WVGA)

Waveform styles: Vectors, Variable persistence, and Infinite persistence.

Input Output Ports

USB 2.0 Host Port Supports USB mass storage devices

USB 2.0 device port Rear-panel connector allows for communication/control of oscilloscope through USBTMC or GPIB with a TEK-USB-488

Probe Compensator

Amplitude: 5 V

Frequency: 1 KHz

Power source: 100 to 240 VAC RMS ±10%

Power source frequency: 45 Hz to 65 Hz (100 to 240 V) 360 Hz to 440 Hz (100 to 132 V)

Power consumption: 30 W maximum

Dimensions:  154.95 x 325.12 x 106.68 (Hx W X D)




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