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TENSE TPM-04SH-DL 能量分析仪 (5V-500 VAC)

- Voltage and Current Harmonics Up To 31st Harmonics

- Voltage (V1,V2,V3,V12,V23,V31), current (I1,I2,I3), frequency (F1,F2,F3)

- It displays powers of each phase: Active Power (P1, P2, P3); Apparent Power (S1, S2, S3); Reactive Power (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q)

- It displays powers of each phase: Power Factor (PF1, PF2, PF3); 3 x Cos ϕ(Cosφ1,Cosφ2,Cosφ3)

- Energy measurement (ΣkWh, ΣkVArh )

- Min, max and average values of current, voltage and power

- 71.5×61.5 Glass LCD Display

- Store voltage, current, and capacity values ​​over a period of time

- Event logs (high voltage, low voltage, power failure, voltage imbalance, high current, current irregularity, THDV and THDI limits)

- The menu is password protected

- The menu is password protected

- RS485 Modbus RTU (1200 - 38400 bpĐ)

- Date and time can be set

- Error: 0.5% (U, I), 1% (kVA), 2% (kVAr)

- Voltage: V1,V2,V3,V12,V23,V31; 5V-500 VAC or 5V-600kV (by PT) 

- Curent: I1,I2,I3; 1mA -5,5A AC or 1mA - 50.000A (by CT)


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