Terasic Altera Cyclone VE FPGA开发板

Featured devices:
    Cyclone V E FPGA - 5CEFA7F31C7NES
    MAX V CPLD - 5M2210ZF256I5N (system controller)
    MAX II CPLD - EPM240M100I5N (embedded USB Blaster II)
    On-board USB-BlasterTM II cable (USB, PHY, Max® V CPLD)
    JTAG direct via JTAG header
Memory devices
    DDR3 x32 at 300 MHz (soft memory controller)
    LPDDR2 x16 (soft memory controller)
    Flash (512 Mb)
    SSRAM (18 Mb)
    EEPROM (64 Kb)
General user input/output
    User control
    Four pushbuttons
    Five LEDs
    Four DIP switches
    2x Resets (CPU reset, Dev Clear)
    LCD: Character LCD (16x2)
Components and interfaces
    RJ45 for Ethernet
    UART interface
Quartus® II design software information
    Quartus II Web Edition Software



The Cyclone® V E Development Kit offers a comprehensive general purpose development platform for many markets and applications, including: Industrial Networking, Military, and Medical applications. The kit features an the Altera® Cyclone V device and a multitude of on board resources including: multiple banks of DDR3 and LPDDR2 memory, LCD character display, LEDs, user switches, USB and RJ-45 connectors. The Cyclone V E Development Kit gives industrial equipment designers greater flexibility in implementing real-time Ethernet communications with Industrial Ethernet intellectual property (IP) cores.

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