Terasic Cyclone V GT FPGA开发板

FPGA Device
    Configuration and Debug
    Quad Serial Configuration device – EPCQ256 on FPGA
    On-Board USB Blaster (Normal Type-B USB connector)
    JTAG and AS mode configuration supported
Memory Device
    Embedded USB-Blaster II (JTAG)
    Fast Passive Parallel (PFL)
    Altera EPCQ—EPCQ256SI16N (Quad Serial Configuration Device)
Standard communication ports
    PCIe x4 edge connector
    Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)
    One SMA clock output
    Two universal high-speed mezzanine card (HSMC) connectors, each with four high-speed serial transciever channels
    One serial digital interface (SDI) channel —1 SMB for RX and 1 SMB for TX
    Channel shared with HSMA via resistor stuffing option
Push buttons, DIP switches, and LEDs
    Programmable clock generator for FPGA reference clock input
    125 MHz LVDS oscillator for FPGA reference clock input
    148.5/148.35 MHz LVDS VCXO for FPGA reference clock input
    50 MHz single-ended oscillator for FPGA and MAX  V CPLD clock input
    100 MHz single-ended oscillator for MAX  V CPLD configuration clock input
    SMA input (LVPECL)
    Laptop DC Input 14 – 20 V adapter
    PCIe edge connector
System monitoring circuit
    Power (Voltage, Current, Wattage)
    PCIe card standard size (4.376" x 6.600")



The Altera® Cyclone® V GT FPGA Development Kit can be used to prototype Cyclone V GT FPGA or Cyclone V GX FPGA applications. It offers a quick and simple way to develop low-cost and low-power FPGA system-level designs and achieve rapid results. This kit supports a myriad of functionalities such as:

•FPGA prototyping
•FPGA power measurement
•Transceiver I/O performance up to 5.0 Gbps
•PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen2 x4 (at 5.0 Gbps per lane)
•Endpoint or rootport support

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