Terasic TR5-Lite 开发板

1. Altera Stratix® V GX FPGA (5SGXEA7N2F45C2)
        JTAG header for FPGA programming
        Fast passive parallel (FPPx32) configuration via MAX II CPLD and flash memory
    2. General user input / output:
        4 LEDs
        1 LED Array
        2 push-buttons
        2-position DIP switch
    3. On-Board Clock
        50MHz Oscillator
        Programmable oscillators Si570 and CDCM61004
    4. Memory
        36MB 550MHZ ISSI
        2GB 933MHz DDR3 SDRAM
        256MB FLASH
    5. Communication Ports
        Two SFP+ connectors
        One Serial ATA (SATA II) host port
        PCI Express (PCIe) x8 edge connector
        One RS422 transceiver with 1394 connector
    6. System Monitor and Control
        Temperature sensor
        Fan control
    7. Power
        PCI Express 6-pin power connector, 12V DC Input
        PCI Express edge connector power
    8. Mechanical Specification
        PCI Express low-profile and half-length



The TR5-Lite Stratix V FPGA Development Kit a slim form-factor PCIe board that features maximum power in a minimum size. Perfect for 1U chassis servers and other stringent environments, the TR5-Lite includes high speed SFP+ interfaces and high-bandwidth memory architecture for high performance computing, cloud systems, and ultra low-latency trading

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