TES AFLEX 3002 交流电流钳表

Manufacturer: TES
Model: AFLEX 3002
Original: Taiwan

-Up to 3000A, True RMS
-Direct Reading, no DMM required
-True RMS measurement of A at with 1% of scale basic accuracy
-True RMS measurement of V at with 0.5% basic accuracy (model 3002 only)
-Fast peak function (39 µs for 50Hz, 33µs for 60Hz)
-Max, Min and data hold functions.
-Auto Power off function in 15 minutes
-AC Current
-Range: 5-300.A / 300.0-999.9A / 1000-3000A
-Resolution: 0.1A / 0.1A / 1A
-Accuracy of Readings: +/-1% of range
-AC Voltage (AFLEX 3002 only)
-Range: 4.0V-600.0V
-Resolution: 0.1V
-Accuracy of Readings: +/-0.5% +/-5dgts
-Frequency of ACV (RMS value > 30VAC ) or
-ACA (RMS value > 30A)
-Range: 45-65
-Resolution: 0.1
-Accuracy of Readings: +/-0.2Hz

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