TES Prova 200A-24 太阳能电池分析仪(光伏IV曲线测试仪)

Manufacturer: TES
Model: Prova 200A-24
Original: Taiwan

-Features: I-V curve test for solar panel/cell
-Max. solar panel power (Pmax) search by auto-scan: 24V, 600mA
-Best Resolution: 1mV, 10 µA
-Manual single point I-V test
-Max. voltage (Vmaxp) at Pmax
-Max. current (Imaxp) at Pmax
-Voltage at open circuit (Vopen)
-Current at short circuit (Ishort)
-I-V Curve with cursor to display each data point
-Efficiency (%) calculation of solar panel
-Solar panel area setting: 0.001m2 ~ 9999m2
-Standard light source setting: 10W/ m2 ~ 1000W/ m
-Communicate with PC with USB cable
-Min. power setting for alarm function
-Built-in calendar clock
-Built-in battery charging circuit
-Rechargeable lithium batteries and AC adaptor
-Memory Size: 100 records
- Large LCD with backlight
- Quality Control in the production line, warehouse, or site of installation
- Identify the solar power system requirement
- Maintenance of solar panels
- Verify the best installation angle of solar panels

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