TES Prova 21电力谐波及漏电钳表 (单相)

Manufacturer: TES
Model: Prova 21
Original: Taiwan

-True RMS value (V and A)
-Leakage Current Measurement at 10 µA Resolution
-Harmonic Analysis (V and A) to the 99th Order
-Better Understanding of High Frequency Harmonic Analysis (up to 5/6 KHz)
-Analysis of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD-F)
-Analysis of Crest Factor (C.F.)
-Fast Peak Function (33µs and 39µs)
-W, KW, H.P.
-PF, Phase Angle (Φ )
-Energy (mWH, WH, KWH)
-Analysis of Standby Power Consumption
-Balanced 3 Φ Power Quality and Sequence
-AC Watt
Range: 0.050W~9,999KW
-AC Current (50 or 60 Hz, True RMS)
Range: 0.5~50A (23)
-AC Voltage (50 or 60 Hz, True RMS)
Range: 5V~600V
-Harmonics of AC Voltage in % and Magnitude (1~99th order)
Range: 50V~600V
-Harmonics of ACA in % Percentage and Magnitude (1~ 99th order)
Range: 0.5~50A(23)
-Power Factor and Phase Angle
Range (PF): 0.000~1.000
Range (Φ ): -180 ° ~ 180 ° (0 ° ~360 ° )
-Total Harmonic Distortion (THD-F, 1~50th order)
Range: 0.0~999.9 %
-Crest Factor (C.F.,Accuracy of Readings)
Range: 1.00~99.99

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