TES TES-1900 数字RCD测试仪

Manufacturer: TES
Model: TES-1900
Original: Taiwan

-3 LED's for checking wiring status
-0 and 180 degree phase angle switch permits quick tests and consistent readings
-Digital read out of tripping time
-Visual indication of reversed phase and neutral wring atsocket
-Resilient case made from modern plastics to take everyday knock and brings
-Rated Tripping Current: 10/20/30/100/300/500mA
-Fault Condition Setting: X1/2, X1, X5
-Fault Trip Time: 2000ms, 40ms (X5)
-Low Set Resolution: 1ms (X1/2, X1), 0.1ms (X5)
-Trip Time Accuracy: (1% rdg + 2 digits)
-Operation Voltage: 230V +/-10%, 50/60Hz

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