Testifire URBAN1001-1-001 烟雾和烟雾探测器测试套件 (up to 5 metres high)


- 1 x TESTIFIRE 1001-1 (containing NiMH battery baton), 

- 1 x SOLO 110 Access Pole

- 3 x SOLO 111 extension Pole & 1 x SOLO611 Urban Backpack (Incl SOLO612 Pole Bag)


- ES3-001 Smoke Cartridge


Testifire 1001 Urban Smoke & Heat Detector Test Kit 5 Metres

The urban kit is designed for engineers on the go move quickly between sites with compact, 

industry leading test kits, designed for speed and agility.

All your fire detector test kit, including our new short poles, in a compact backpack. 

These brand new urban kits make moving around sites or whilst travelling, comfortable and hassle-free.

Key Features:

Convenient - 50% shorter access poles mean less disruption when testing

Quicker movement between and around sites

Lightweight - weighs less than 4kg

Practical - easily and quickly test all detectors up to 5m reach

Mobile - ideal for use on large sites or city working

Flexible - includes space for your devices, small tools & accessories



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