TES WM-03 功率计

Manufacturer: TES
Model: WM-03
Original: Taiwan

-Solution for better PF
-4 LCD Displays with W, PF, V, A
-Easy Plug-in and Test
-RS-232 Computer Interface
-Software for:
1. Phase Angle
2. Apparent Power
3. Reactive Power
4. Kilo- Watt Hour
5. Estimated kilo-Watt per day/month/year
6. Energy Cost/Kwh
7. Serial Number/record print out of your appliance measured
-Watt: (Auto Range, AC+DC) 200/ 2,000 (± 0.9%rdg ±5dgts)
-Voltage: (True RMS, Auto
Range , AC+DC) 200/750 (±0.5%rdg ±4dgt)
-Current: 2/20A(AC+DC)
-Frequency: 40-20KHz

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