TEXIO LSA-1000 直流电子负载(1000W,200A,150V)

Input power:0W to 1000W

Input voltage V:0V to 150V

Input current:0A to 200A

Full-color 3.5 inch LCD provides high operability and visibility.

10μA minimum resolution for current setting (LSA-165 L range).

CC/CR/CP/CC+CV/CR+CV mode are selectable.

High-speed response for 10μsec. Switching function is available (CC, CR, CP mode).

External voltage / resistance control function is available.

Maximum 5-unit-parallel master-slave operation is available.

Sequence control provides branch on condition.


Maximum Dimmension(mm) 140.8×423.3×449

Weight  approx.12.3kg

Option: GP-IB, USB and RS-232C are in one slot-in option board IF-80GUR.Recommend to use GP-IB or RS-232C if you use LSA series at noisy condition.

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