Texio LW301-151SV3B 多输入电子负载(150V,60A,300W,1通道)

(150V, 60A, 300W 2 Channel)
● Multi-channel & individual control
Each channel is isolated and can be controlled individually.
● Low cost High performance
The CC and CR modes are standard. Addition to standard, CV
and CP modes are lined up. Various models are available based
on usage scenes.
● 4 points presetting
4 sets of frequently used value can be preset.
● Key lock
Key lock function provides to hold all setting values.
● Various remote controls (user option)
It is possible to add the interface function of GP-IB or USB after
purchasing as user option.
● Front input terminal (1A/3A/7A models)
The terminal is provided by factory option. (Maximum input
current is 30A.)
● Maximum 12 channel in full rack size

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