THORLABS BC207VIS CMOS光束分析相机 (350-1100 nm, Imperial)

Wavelength Range: 350 - 1100 nm

Power Range: 40 fW - 1 W(c,d)

Beam Diameter: 20 µm - 7.0 mm

Compatible Light Sources: CW, Pulsed(e)

Protective Glass: NG3 Absorptive ND Filter, Ø25 mm, 1 mm Thick, Nominal Optical Density: 1.0

Absorptive Neutral Density Filters

Nominal Values: 20 dB, 40 dB, 60 dB (Two Sets)(g)

AR Coating Wavelength Range: 350 - 700 nm (Three Filters) 650 - 1050 nm (Three Filters)

Reflective Neutral Density Filters

Nominal Attenuation Values: N/A


Chip: 5.0 MP Sony IMX264LLR, 11.1 mm Diagonal, Windowless

Aperture Size (Max): 8.45 mm x 7.07 mm

Pixel Size: 3.45 µm x 3.45 µm

Resolution (Max): 2448 x 2048 pixel, ROI Selectable


Shutter: Global

Binning: 1 x 1; 2 x 2; 4 x 4

Frame Rate @ Full Resolution: 4 fpsh (Max)

Frame Rate @ 1224 x 1024 Pixels: >8 fpsh

Frame Rate @ 612 x 512 Pixels: >12 fpsh

Pulse Frequency: up to 37 kHz (Single Pulse Detection), Unlimited (Multi-Pulse Detection)i

Image Digitization: 12 Bit

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: ≤71 dB

Exposure Range: 27 µs - 1 s

Gain Range: 0 to 12 dB

Image Capture Modes: Single Frame, Continuous, Hardware Triggered

Sensor Distance to Front

Filter Holder Surface: 20.7 mm (0.82")


Trigger Input: TTL Level, LVTTL Compatible, BNC Jack, Low: 0 to +0.5 V; High: 2.4 V to 5.5. Vj

Trigger Delay: 0.27 µs

Pulse Width: 100 µs (Min)

PC Interface: USB 3.0 (Micro-B)


Operating Temperature: 10 to 35°C

Storage Temperature: 0 to 55°C

Size (H x W x D) Incl. Filter Wheel: 94.3 mm x 84.8 mm x 85.7 mm (3.71" x 3.34" x 3.37")

Weight: 420 g

Mounting Holes: Imperial: 1/4"-20; Metric: M6 x 1.0

Power Supply: 3.6 W, USB Bus Powered

(a) Wavelength range of supplied UV ND filters start at 200 nm.

(b) At 400 nm, depending on beam diameter and ND filter. See Manual for details.

(c) The neutral density filter will being to heat up and can be damaged if exposed to incident powers above 1 W for more than a few seconds.

(d) At 700 nm, depending on beam diameter and ND filter. See Manual for details.

(e) Damage threshold data is currently not available for our beam profilers. For use with pulsed lasers, we recommend the following procedure as a guideline for determining a safe upper limit: Set the beam profiler to the maximum integration time (i.e., set the exposure to 1 s). Slowly increase the power until your signal reaches approximately 50% of the intensity as shown in the Profile window of the Beam software package. Multiply this power by a factor of 10. This is the safe upper limit of the mean pulse power for the beam profiler.

(f) These filters are provided for use near the 400 nm upper wavelength range of the BC207UV(/M). See the manual for more information and coating curves.

(g) One set of filters is AR coated for the 350 nm to 700 nm range while the other is AR coated for the 650 nm to 1050 nm range. See the ND Filters tab for more information.

(h) Highly dependent on processor, graphic adapter performance, and size of calculation area.

(i) In Multi-Pulse Exposure, single pulses are not distinguished.

(j) See the manual for detailed trigger data.

All technical data are valid at 23 ± 5 °C and 45 ± 15% relative humidity.



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