THORLABS EO-PM-NR-C1 EO相位调制器 (600-900 nm)

Modulator Crystal: Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) Doped with MgO

Wavelength Range: 600-900 nm

Clear Aperture: 2 mm Diameter

Input Connector: SMA Female

Resonant Frequency Range: Broadband

Half Wave Voltage, Vπ: 136 V at 633 nm (Typical)(See manual)

Extinction Ratio: N/A

Input Capacitance/Impedance: 14 pF

Max RF Input Power: N/A

Max Optical Power Density: 2 W/mm^2 @ 532 nm, 4 W/mm^2 @ 1064 nm

(a) AM modulators operating in the -C4 band (400 - 600 nm) should only be used for AC modulation above a few Hz. Please see manual for more details.

(b) Other AR coating ranges are available upon request. Contact Tech Support for details.

(c) Resonant frequencies from 0.1 - 100 MHz are available. Contact Tech Support for details.

(d) Modulating to larger phase shifts or at longer wavelengths may cause the resonant modulator to exceed the RF power limit of 3 W, which corresponds to 35 Vpp.



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