THORLABS EXULUS-HD3HP Exulus空间光调制器,WUXGA分辨率 (650 - 1100 nm)

Key Specifications(a):

Operating Wavelength: 650 - 1100 nm

Panel Resolution: 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)

Fill Factor: >92%

Panel Active Area: 15.42 mm x 9.66 mm

Pixel Pitch: 8 µm

Phase / Retardance Range(b,c): 2π at 1064 nm

Frame Rate: 60 Hz

Fluctuation/ Flickering (RMS): <0.15%

Output Trigger: Yes (SMA)

(a) Complete specifications may be found on the manual.

(b) Angles of incidence other than 0° will result in phase shifts that differ from the programmed pattern. Angles of up to 10° are possible without significantly affecting performance.

(c) The phase/retardance range values are for 30 °C when used with the LK220 liquid chiller.

(d) Fluctuation / Flickering is the phase fluctuation as the percentage of the entire phase range and is dependent on the current phase setting. The value stated is the maximum fluctuation and typically occurs at half of the phase range.



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