THORLABS KSG101 K-Cube应变仪读取器


Bridge Type: AC

Excitation Frequency: 18 kHz

Supply Voltage: ±15 V, +5 V

Monitor Output: 0 - 10 V (SMA Connector)

Top-Panel Display: OLED

Bandwidth: 500 Hz

Housing Dimensions(a) (W x D x H): 60.0 mm x 60.0 mm x 49.2 mm (2.36" x 2.36" x 1.94")

Measurement Resolution

Position Mode: 1 nm

Force Mode: 1 mN

Voltage Mode: 1 mV

Ouput/Input Connectors(b)

Strain Gauge Input: 9-Pin D-Type

USB Connector Type: USB 3.0

USB Connection Speed: USB 1.1 Full Speed (12 Mbps)

K-Cube Controller Hub Connector: 26-Way ERNI

Output Monitor(c): SMA, 0 - 10 V

Bidirectional Trigger Ports: SMA, ±5 V

Input Power Requirements

Voltage (Current): +15 V (220 mA), -15 V (50 mA), +5 V (350 mA)

(a) Including Top Panel Controls

(b) Please see the Pin Diagrams for details.

(c) The monitor output is always active and cannot be turned off, thus allowing for the output of the KSG101 to always be viewed.



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