THORLABS KURIOS-XE2 液晶可调谐带通滤光器 (650 - 1100 nm, 8-32 Taps, Fixed Bandwidth, NIR Wavelengths)

Wavelength Range: 650 - 1100 nm

Bandwidth (FWHM)(a): 17 nm at 850 nm

Switching Speed(b): <250 ms

Clear Aperture: Ø20 mm

Polarized Transmission(c): 44% at 850 nm

Out-of-Band Blocking: OD > 2

Minimum Incremental Step Size: 1 nm

Tuning Accuracy: ±FWHM/10

Angle of Incidence (Field of View): ±6°

Wavelength Uniformity: FWHM/4 over Clear Aperture

Damage Threshold:

- Pulsed (ns): 0.1 J/cm^2 (810 nm, 7.2 ns, 10 Hz, Ø0.216 mm)

- Pulsed (fs): 0.006 J/cm^2 (800 nm, 100 Hz, 36.4 fs, Ø189 µm)

- CW: -

Filter Head Dimensions: 52.6 mm x 52.6 mm x 87.5 mm (2.07" x 2.07" x 3.44")

Filter Head Front/Rear Threading: SM1 (1.035"-40) Internal Threads

Filter Head Mounting Options: 8-32 (M4) Tap for Post Mounting (3 Places) 4-40 Taps for Cage System

Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C

Storage Temperature: -15 to 65°C

(a) The bandpass width increases linearly with wavelength. See the Performance Plots in manual for details.

(b) The switching speed depends upon the initial and final wavelength. See the Performance Plots manual for details.

(c) Typical transmission for input light polarized parallel to the filter's transmission axis.

(d) The power density of your beam should be calculated in terms of W/cm. Please see the manual for details.



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