THORLABS LNLVL-IM-Z 强度调制器 (1525 nm-1605 nm)


Operating Wavelength(a): 1525 nm-1605 nm

Optical Insertion Loss: ≤5.5 dB (4.5 dB Typ.)

Optical Return Loss : ≥40 dB

Optical Extinction Ratio (@ DC): ≥20 dB

Optical Input Power: ≤100 mW


E/O Bandwidth (-3 dB): 10 GHz (Typ.)

Operating Frequency Range : DC to 40 GHz (Min)

RF Vπ (@ 1 GHz): 2.2 V (Typ.)

RF Vπ (@ 20 GHz): ≤3.9 V (3.5 V Typ.)

RF Vπ (@ 40 GHz): ≤6.0 V (5.0 V Typ.)

DC Bias Vπ (@ 1 kHz): ≤11.0 V (9.0 V Typ.)

S11: -12 dB (-10 dB Max), DC to 25 GHz. -8 dB (-6 dB Max), 25 to 40 GHz

RF Input Power: 24 dBm Maximum


Reverse Bias Voltage: N/A

Responsivity: N/A

Output Optical Power Monitoring Range: N/A


Crystal Orientation: Z-Cut

RF Connection: Female 2.92 mm (K)

Fiber Type: Input: PANDA Polarization Maintaining. Output: SMF-28®‡ Single Mode

Fiber Lead Length: 1.5 m Typ.


Operating Case Temperature: 0 °C - 70 °C

Storage Temperature: -40 °C - 85 °C

(a) These modulators are designed for use at the specified wavelengths. Using the modulator at other wavelengths may cause an increase in the optical loss that is not covered under warranty. In some cases, this loss can be temporary; for instance, the increase in loss caused by shorter wavelengths can usually be reversed by heating the modulator to 80 °C for an hour.

(b) The LN82S-FC includes a bias circuit that couples the DC bias onto the RF drive electrode. Depending on the application, an external DC block may be needed at the RF input.



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