THORLABS M2MS-AL M² 测量扩展套件 (250-600 nm)

Wavelength Range: 250 - 600 nm(a)

Beam Profiler Compatibility(b): BC207UV(/M) BP209-VIS(/M)

Internal Translation Stage:

- Travel Range: 100 mm

- Velocity (Max): 500 mm/s

- Effective Translation Range: 200 mm (Total) ±100 mm (from Focal Point)

Lens Focal Length: 250 mm

Optical Axis Height: 70 mm (Without Additional Feet)

M² Measurement Range: >1.0 (No Upper Limit)

Typical M² Accuracy: ±5% (Depends on Optics and Alignment)

Minimum Detectable Divergence Angle: <0.1 mrad

Applicable Light Sources: CW, Pulsed(a)

Typical Measurement Time: 15 - 30 s (Depends on Beam Shape and Settings)

General Specifications

Size: 300 mm x 175 mm x 109 mm (Without Beam Profiler)

Weight: 4.2 kg (Without Beam Profiler)

(a) Depending on the beam profiler used with the system.

(b) The previous-generation BC106x and BP10x beam profilers are also compatible with the M2MS systems. Contact Tech Support to purchase the appropriate mounting adapter for the BC106 profilers.



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