THORLABS OM6N/M 快速激光功率调制器 (700-1100 nm, M4 Taps)

Contrast Ratio: >250:1

Operating Range(a): 700 - 1100 nm

Included Photodetector: PDA100A2

Input Polarization: Any

Rise Time(b): 1.5 - 5 µs

Fall Time: <2 µs

Modulation Frequency: 0 - 20 kHz

Modulation Voltage(c): 0 - 1 V

Input Impedance(c): 10 kΩ

Transmission (at 800 nm): >80%

Input Pulse Energy: 500 nJ (Max)

Input Optical Power: 10 W (Max)

Internal Aperture(d): Ø3.8 mm

Internal Optical Path Length: 100 cm

Dispersion: <100 fs2

Transmitted Wavefront Error: <λ/4 (at 633 nm)

Power Supply: 24 V, 1 A

Power Connector: R7B Female Connector

Operating Temperature: 15 - 35°C

Operating Humidity: 20 - 60%

Storage Temperature: -25 - 70°C

Housing Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.45" x 6.83" x 2.80" (290.8 mm x 173.4 mm x 71.1 mm)

(a) The laser power modulator can be used outside the wavelength range. However, the damage threshold for wavelengths outside this range is unspecified and may be lower, especially for shorter wavelengths. The modulator may not be able to achieve full extinction for wavelengths higher than the max operating wavelength.

(b) The time required for the transmission to rise from 10% to 90%. Response depends on DC attenuation level.

(c) A 10 kΩ internal pull-down resistor holds the input voltage at 0 V if no input is provided.

(d) The recommended collimated input beam diameter (1/e2) is 1 to 2 mm.

(e) Independent of modulation level.



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