THORLABS PDAVJ10 HgCdTe (MCT) 放大光电探测器 (2.0 - 10.6 µm, Switchable Gain)

Wavelength Range (λP): 2.0 - 10.6 µm (6.5 µm)

Responsivity × Effective Detector Width @ λP: ≥0.01 A·mm/W(f)

Responsivity @ λP: -

Output Bandwidth @ 3 dB: DC - 100 MHz(g)

Conversion Gain @ λP: 120 V/W (Gain Setting 1). 4000 V/W (Gain Setting 8)

NEP(d): 210 pW/Hz^1/2

(b) More detailed specifications are available in the manual

(c) View manual for details of the housing.

(d) Minimum Noise Equivalent Power; Specified from DC to Cut-Off Frequency

(e) View manual for responsivity, detectivity, and frequency response graphs.

(f) Due to the multilayer construction of the sensor chips used in these detectors, the responsivity is inseparable from the sensor width.

(g) Independent of Gain Step

(h) Specified at Gain Step 1; Bandwidth Varies with Each Gain Step



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