THORLABS PDB570C c雪崩光电二极管自动平衡探测器 (400 MHz, InGaAs APD)

Selected Specifications(a)

Operating Wavelength Range: 1200 - 1700 nm (Optimized for 1300 nm)

Typical Responsivity(b): 0.9 A/W @ 1300 nm

Bandwidth (3 dB; Balanced/Auto-Balanced): DC to 400 MHz

Min NEP (DC to 100 MHz)(c): 1.0 pW/√Hz

Common Mode Rejection Ratio: >25 dB (>35 dB Typical)

Transimpedance Gain, High Z(d): 2 x 103 V/A

Detector Type: InGaAs APD

Internal Coupling Fiber: SMF-28e+

Optical Inputs: FC/APC

(a) For the complete specifications, please see the Specs in manual.

(b) At optical gain M = 1. This value is a general specification for the bare APDs. As used inside the PDB570C, the gain of the APDs can be varied between M = 2.5 and M = 10.

(c) At maximum optical gain (M = 10).

(d) Values for transimpedance gain are lossless gain values, i.e., losses introduced by FC/APC connectors (typically 0.15 to 0.25 dB) are not considered.



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