THORLABS PM100D 紧凑型功率和电能表控制台 (Digital 4" LCD)

Compatible Sensors: Photodiode, Thermal, and Pyroelectric(a)

Optical Power Range(b): 100 pW to 200 W

Optical Energy Range(b): 3 µJ to 15 J

Available Sensor Wavelength Range(b): 185 nm - 25 μm

Max Repetition Rate(b): 3 kHz

Display Refresh Rate: 20 Hz

Bandwidth(a): DC - 100 kHz

Photodiode Sensor Range(c): 50 nA - 5 mA

Thermopile Sensor Range(c): 1 mV - 1 V

Pyroelectric Sensor Range(c): 100 mV - 100 V

(a) The PM400 console is compatible with all Thorlabs' C-Series Pyroelectric Energy Sensors except the ES408C Fast Pyroelectric Energy Sensor.

(b) Sensor Dependent

(c) Ranges Selectable in Watts (Photodiode and Thermopile) or Joules (Pyroelectric) and is dependent on the sensor used



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