THORLABS ULN15TK 窄线宽单频激光系统 (1550 nm)

Laser Specifications(a)

Center Wavelength(b): 1550 nm ± 15 nm

Output Power(c):>90 mW (Typ. 120 mW)

Linewidth(d): <250 Hz (Typ. 100 Hz)

Relative Intensity Noise (RIN)(e): -160 dBc/Hz

Side-Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR): >60 dB (Typ. 70 dB)

Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER): >18 dB

Output Isolation: >25 dB

Laser Class: 1M

Fiber Specifications

Output Fiber Type(f): Corning PM15-U25D

Output Fiber Connectors: FC/APC Compatible, 2.0 mm Narrow Key

External Modulation Specifications

Voltage to Current Conversion Rate (AC and DC): 2 mA/V

Voltage to Temperature Conversion Rate: Firmware Adjustable (Default = 0.2 °C/V)

Input Voltage Range (All Ports): -5 V to 5 V

Input Impedance (All Ports): 1 kΩ

AC Current Modulation Frequency Range(g): 2 kHz to 20 MHz

DC Current Modulation Frequency Range(g): DC to 5 MHz

Temperature Modulation Frequency Range: DC to 1 Hz

(a) Taken at Factory Preset Operating Conditions

(b) If you require a specific wavelength, please contact Tech Support with inquiries.

(c) Measured at the bulkhead.

(d) Measured based on the Lorentzian definition. Please refer to the ULN15PC laser manual for details.

(e) Represents the typical value at 10 MHz frequency.

(f) Compatible for mating with Thorlabs' PM1550-XP patch cables.

(g) The specified bandwidth refers to the 3 dB electrical bandwidth of the modulation circuits. The laser response has a slow roll-off for frequencies above 1 MHz



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