TIME 1150 超声波探伤仪 (0-10000 mm; 600-16000 m/s)

Technical Specification

Operating temperature: -10℃~+50℃

Storage temperature: -20℃~+60℃

Language: English/Chinese/Spanish selectable

Probe socket: LEMO or BNC

Battery (mAh): 2x3.7V 5000mAh

Battery working time: >8h

Charging time (h): <8h

Power adapter 

Input: 100-240~50/60Hz

Output: 9V DC/3A~4A

LCD: Color transmission TFT, 640x480

Dimension (mm): 177X255X51

Weight (g): 1200 


Measuring unit: mm/inch/μs

Scanning range (mm): 0-10000

Sound velocity (m/s): 600-16000

P-delay (μs): -1.000~750.000

D-delay (μs): -20~+3400

Test mode: Pulse-echo, dual and through transmission

Scanning mode: A scan and B scan, displaying both simultaneously

Pulse generator

Pulser (V): Square pulse

Transmitting voltage: 100~400(V) variable in steps of 10V

Transmitting pulse width (ns): 75/100~500 variable in steps of 50ns

Damping (Ω): 50/100/200/500

Pulse repetition frequency (Hz): 10~1000


Gain (dB): 0~110

Bandwidth (MHz): 0.5~15

Rectify: Positive half wave, negative half wave, full and RF

Vertical linearity accuracy: ±2%

Amplifier resolution (dB): ±1

Rejection (%): Linear, 0~80% of the full screen

Sampling frequency (MHz): 80

Crosstalk rejection (dB): ≥80

Dead zone (μs): ≤10 (related with transmitting)

Dynamic range (dB): ≥40

Instant resolution (dB): ≥32

Time base linearity: <±0.2% full screen

Sensitivity leavings (dB): ≥62

Measurements and others

Gate: 2 indepent gates

Testing position: Edge, Peak value

Gate measurements: Echo amplitude, Sound path, depth, projection etc.

Freeze: Freeze waveform, peak value, comparative and envelope

AVG equivalent calculate: Calculate the flaw equivalent according to the flaw echo and AVG curve

DAC flaw evaluating: Make flaw evaluation according to flaw echo and DAC curve

Gate logic: Off, measurement, gate positive wave alarm, gate negative wave alarm

Gate alarm: off, anytime, hold for 0.2s, 0.5s, 1s and 2s, lock

Alarm: on/off

Data management, communication and print

Data storage

Data management: 

50 channels

1000 wave images (including 980 A scan images and 20 B scan images)

4x2000 dynamic wave image

Store, review or replay the channels, waves

All the data can be stored to PC or flash disk

Communication: Communicate with PC via USB interface

Printing: Print report

Outout port

USB OTG port: USB 2.0 device connected with PC

USB 2.0 host connected with flash disk



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