TIME 2510 磁性覆层测厚仪 ( 0-1250 µm/0-40µm; 0.1µm)


Probe Types: F; N 

Working principle: Magnetic induction; Eddy current 

Measuring range: 0-1250 µm; 0-1250 µm, 0-40µm (for chrome plate on copper)

Minimum resolution: 0.1µm


Zero point calibration: ±(3%H+1) µm; ±(3%H+1.5) µm

H means the thickness of tested piece

Two points calibration: ±{(1-3)%H+1}µm; ±{(1-3)%H+1.5}µm 

H means the thickness of tested piece

Measuring condition

Min. curvature radius: Convexity 1.5 mm; Convexity 3 mm 

Min. area diameter: Φ7 mm; Φ5 mm 

Critical thickness of the base: 0.5 mm; 0.3 mm

Operating environment

Temperature: 0℃ - 40℃ 

Humidity: 20%-90% 

No strong magnetic field

Power: 2 pcs AAA 1.5 V battery 

Dimension: 110 x 50 x 23 (mm) 

Weight: 100 g

Standard Delivery

Main unit

2 x Substrate

Calibration foil

2x AAA 1.5V battery  

TIME certificate  

Warranty card  

Optional Accessory  

Printer TA230

Connecting cable




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