TIME 5302 里氏硬度计 (Leeb; type D; 30-110 HSD, HLD)

  • 制造商: TIME
    Model: 5302
    来源: China
    保障: 12 month
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Hardness scale: HL, HRC, HRB, HRA, HV, HB, HS

Memory: group(Impact times:32-1)

Measuring range: see page 13

Tolerance: see page 14

Tensile strength U.T.S. range: 374~2652 MPa

Standard impact device: D

Optional impact devices: DC/D+15/G/C/DL

Min. Radius of workpiece (convex/concave): Rmin = 50mm (with special support ring Rmin= 10mm)

Max. workpiece hardness: see page 14

Min. workpiece weight: see page 14

Min. workpiece thickness: see page 14

Min. thickness of hardened layers: see page 14

Power: Rechargeable NiMH Battery,5×1.2V 600mAh

Continuous working time: About 50h (without printing and backlight)

Charging time: 2~3.5 hours

Operating temperature: 0~40°C

Humidity: 90%

Dimensions (mm): 268×86×50

Weight (g): 530 (including impact device and printer)

Standard Delivery

Main unit

Impact device type D

Test block HLD


Cleaning brush  

Table support for main unit  

Connecting cable  

TIME certificate  

Warranty card  


Optional Accessories

Printing paper

Special impact devices

Support rings

Dataview software