TIME TH320 洛氏硬度机 (98.07n/10kgf, 29.42n/3kgf)

  • 制造商: TIME
    Model: TH320
    来源: China
    保障: 12 month
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Hardness scales: 

Rockwell A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,K,L,M,P,R,S,V 

Rockwell superficial15/30/45n,T,W,X,y

Resolution: 0.1Rockwell unit

Pre-load: 98.07n/10kgf, 29.42n/3kgf

Total load: 588.4n/60kgf, 980.7n/100kgf, 1471n/150kgf, 147.1n/15kgf, 294.2n/30kgf, 441.3n/45kgf

Display: Matrix backlight LCD

Language: English

Operation: Menu selectable, Membrane keypad

Test process: Automatic

Load duration: 2-50 seconds, can be set, dynamic displayed and stored


Upper / lower hardness limits setting and alarming 

Data statistics : Ave., Max., Min., standard Deviation, 

Convert tested values to HB, HV, HLD and δb (Tensile-strength) 

Curvature correction: cylinder and sphere surface

Data output: RS232

Tester standard: ISO6508.2 , ASTM E-18

Testing space: 

Vertical: 250mm (8.66”)   

Horizontal:150mm (6.00”)

Work piece size

External surface cylinder: Min.Ø3mm (0.120”) Internal surface cylinder: Min.Ø23mm (0.900”)

Power supply: 220v/110v, 50Hz, 4A

Dimensions (mm): 720×240×815

Weight (kg): 120

Standard Delivery

Main unit

Test block A, B, C

Test block 15N

Test block 30N

Test block 30T

120° cone diamond indenter

1/16"(1.5875mm)ball indenter

1/16" (1.5875mm) spare ball

Screw for indenter

Round flat anvil

Large vee anvil

Power supply cable

Instruction manual

Warranty card

Optional Accessory

Mini-printer TA230

Data communicating cable  

Short diamond indenter

Flat diamond indenter

Slim diamond indenter

1/8"(Ø3.175mm) indenter and spare ball

1/4"(Ø6.350mm) indenter and spare ball

1/2"(Ø12.70mm) indenter and spare ball

Round flat anvil Ø225

Round flat anvil Ø150

Small vee anvil

Flat /vee anvil

Assistant support

Assistant joist



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