TIME TH717 显微维氏硬度计 (1HV~2967HV)

Testing range: 1HV~2967HV

Test force:

0.098n(10gf),0.245n(25gf),0.49n(50gf), 0.9807n(100gf), 1.961n(200gf),2.942n(300gf), 4.903n(500gf),9.807n(1000gf)

Optical system

Carriage application method: automatic loading and unloading

Objective: 10×(Observation); 40×(Measurement )

Measuring eyepiece: 10× 

Total amplification: 100×(Observation); 400×(Measurement ) 

Resolution Rate: 0.25μm 0.0625μm

Max height of the specimen: 100 mm

Distance between the point of the indenter and the exterior panel: 98 mm

Gross weight: 44kg 

net weight: 30 kg

Power: AC220V/110V, 60/50 Hz

Dimension (mm): 480×305×545

Standard Delivery 

6 x Weights 

A cross testing table 

A platelet fixture 

A plane-holding fixture 

A filament fixture 

2 x Screw drivers 

4 x Horizontal regulation screws 

A level 

An electric cave 

A 10×numerical microscope 

2 x Vickers hardness blocks 

2 x Repair fuses (1A) 

The usage instruction manual for the product 

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