TIME UniPOL GP-1B 半自动磨光机 (100-1000 rpm)

Technical Specification 

Grinder Polisher Data

Working Wheel Dia. mm: 203; 230; 254 

Working Wheel Rotating Speed: 100-1000rpm; Others can be customized 

Number of Working Wheel: 1 

Motor Power: 550W 

Semihead parameter 

Operation Mode: Semi-auto 

Rotating Speed(rpm): 50-200 

Sample Dia.(mm ): Φ30x3 pieces; Others should be customized 

Pressurization: Spring 

Motor Voltage: 90W 

Installation Requirements

Power: 220V5A 

Cooling water/ Water Tank: Must

Standard Delivery

●Diamond Polishing Disk

●Magnetic PSA base

●Magnetic plate


●Diamond Suspension

●Diamond paste

●Alumina Polishing Powder

●Alumina Suspension

●Silica Suspension



Optional Accessory

●Plain-backed Paper Ring

●Splash Guard

●Anti-dust Cover

●Plain-backed Paper

●Polishing Cloth

●Water inlet/outlet

●Power line

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