TOB TOB-ECM 锂电池双层涂布机

1. The coater is a professional lithium battery pole piece coating equipment.

2. Suitable for coating process of oily or water-based lithium iron phosphate, oily lithium cobaltate, ternary, lithium manganate, lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide, oily or aqueous negative carbon graphite, lithium titanate and the like;

3. Using the fully automatic PID closed-loop tension control system, the tension control accuracy can reach ±1N level;

4. Imported standard parts such as Omron PLC control system and high-precision servo motor ensure high consistency and stability of the coated product in terms of areal density and size. The proportion of imported standard parts to the standard parts of the whole machine is as high as 85%.

5. With high-speed coating, high precision, high consistency, it is the preferred coating equipment for power batteries.

6. The extrusion coating machine aslo can be customized by your requirements.



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