TOB TOB-XFZH02 锂电池真空混合器 (2L) (2L)

Lower Barrel Parts

Design total volume: 3.8L

Effective volume: 1.2L-2L

Container inner diameter: 180mm

Container inside depth: 150mm

Container material: Contact with material 304

Tempering jacket form: Single-layer jacket for barrel wall for cooling or heating; single-layer jacket at the bottom of the barrel for cooling or heating

Tempering jacket port: G3/8", with quick-open type union, jacket pressure resistance ≤0.4MPa

Tempering jacket circulation system: prepared by customer, jacket inlet temperature ≤ 8°C, cooling water flow > 1.5 L / min

Discharge materials form: No discharge valve at the bottom of the barrel

Design environment temperature: -10~+120°C

Move mode: no

Mixing Parts

Working frequency: 5-50hz

Mixing power: 0.75kw

Mixing blade speed: 8-76rpm

Planetary box rotate speed: 5-52rpm

Mixing blade diameter: 94mm

Mixing blade model: Variable section helical twist type, 90° spiral

Mixing blade material: 304 stainless steel

Mixing blade line speed: 0.03-0.37m/s

Mixing blade number: 2pcs

paddle distance: 6±1mm

Paddle and barrel wall distance: 3+1mm

Paddle and bucket bottom distance: 2-3mm

Dispersing Parts

Working frequency: 5-50hz

Dispersing power: 1.1kw

Dispersing rotate speed: 450-4450rpm

Dispersing plate diameter: 60mm

Dispersing model: Serrated

Dispersing plate material: 304 stainless steel

Dispersing line speed: 1.3-13m/s

Dispersing number: 1pcs

Dispersing shaft number: 1pcs



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