TOB TOB-XFZH05 真空混合器 (5L)

Lower Barrel Parts

Design total volume: 8L

Elective volume: 2.7-5L

Container inner diameter: 240mm

Container inside depth: 180mm

Container material: The parts in connect with materials is 304 stainless steel

Tempering jacket form: The bottom and the barrel jacket can input water for cooling, heat preservation and heating

Tempering jacket port

G3/4",with quick opening movable joint

jacket withstand pressure≤0.4MPa

Tempering jacket circulation system

prepared by customer,

jacket water inlet temperature≤8℃,

cooling water flow>3.5L/min

Discharge materials form: bottom of a G1-1/2" three-piece discharge ball valve, equipped with 2 "standard ISO quick connect clamp connector

Design environment temperature: -10~+120°C

Move mode: Casters move

Mixing Parts

Working frequency: 5-50hz

Mixing power: 1.5kw

Mixing blade speed: 10-98rpm

Planetary box rotate speed: 5-50rpm

Mixing blade diameter: 124mm

Mixing blade model: Variable cross-section spiral twist type, 90 ° helix

Mixing blade material: 304 stainless steel

Mixing blade line speed: 0.06-0.6m/s

Mixing blade number: 2pcs

Dispersing Parts

Working frequency: 5-50hz

Dispersing power: 2.2kw

Dispersing rotate speed: 610-6100rpm

Dispersing plate diameter: 70mm

Dispersing model: Serrated

Dispersing plate material: 304 stainless steel

Dispersing line speed: 2.2-22m/s

Dispersing number: 1pcs

Dispersing shaft number: 1pcs

Scratch the Wall Parts

Scratch wall bracket material: 304 stainless steel

Scratch wall material: Teflon

Scratch wall rotate speed: Consistent with planetary box rotate speed

Removable or not: Removable design (Need to remove when scraping the wall on high viscosity process)

Base and Lifting Parts

Parts materials: High rigidity structural carbon steel

Lifting way: electric

Lifting guide: High-precision linear guide

Lifting itinerary: ≤290mm

Upper Barrel Parts

Upper barrel material: 304 stainless steel

Power feed port: quick opening interface DN40 1pcs

Liquid feed port: ISO standard 1/2" quick interface 1pcs

Mirror port: DN50 tempered glass sight glass 1pcs

Vacuumize port: G1/2 " 1pcs

Exhaust port: together with vacuumize port

Digital vacuum gauge port: M14×1.5 Internal thread metric tooth interface 1pcs

Control System

Electrical cabinet: Used to install low-voltage electrical components such as inverter

Manual operation panel: For placement buttons, knobs, gauges etc

Power supply: AC 3×380V±5﹪,50Hz

Control mode: electronic control

Power control and speed adjustment mode: Inverter start and control

Cooling mode: Air-cooled (wind cooling)

Operation mode: Touch screen

Digital temperature display gauge: material temperature

Emergency stop button: 1pcs

Alarm system: Over-temperature alarm, over-temperature alarm shutdown, alarm shutdown

Speed display: Touch screen shows the speed

Power instructions: 1pcs

Safety Chain System

Emergency stop: press the emergency stop switch, the device immediately stop, and can not do anything

Start low-speed mixing: can lift the barrel and turning at the same time

High-speed dispersion: barrel up in place before turning

Safe lock in operation: When the machine is running, the mixing barrel can not be lowered, can not open the mixing barrel.

Prevent vacuum tube backflow: special vacuum buffer tank design, can effectively prevent the vacuum pump oil back to the mixing drum phenomenon

Stop running fault: Inverter comes with overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, leakage, lack of equal protection

Mixing barrel lift: stirring barrel in place to rise

Mixing barrel did not return to normal pressure can not be dropped.

After mixing barrel rises in place and high-speed dispersion, then can be started.

After mixing barrel rises in place, with locking protection system, to prevent while the mixing barrel rises to high place abnormal fall.

Dry mixing stage, while the barrel rising, the stirring paddle need to rotate at the same time.

Other description

Temperature probe: Pt100

Temperature measurement: Located of the barrel wall to detection of internal material temperature

Transmission parts bearings: High-speed components for imported bearings, low-speed components for domestic bearings

Oil seal: Domestic brands,O-ring for Static seal,dynamic seal using mechanical seals or skeleton oil seal

Grease: Domestic brands

Mechanical seal lubricants: Imported brand

Petrol cylinder: Domestic brands

Petrol station: Domestic brands

Valve: Domestic brands

acuum design quantity demand: vacuum system prepared by customer own, air exhaust volume 2L/S(2X-2)

Vacuum hold: -0.098Mpa,holding pressure for 24 hours>-0.085Mpa,do not leak to the barrel

Total host power: >4kw

Total weight: about 700kg

Dimensions: L1463mm × W610mm × H1770mm

Appearance color: off-white

Ground bearing: 900kg/㎡



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