TOB TOB-YDG-400*450 液压锂电池压缩机

Suitable system: Lithium iron phosphate, Cobalt acid lithium, Manganese acid lithium,Lithium nickel manganese cobalt, such like the above continuous rolling technology of positive and negative battery plate.

Roller base material: The aluminum foil(12-1.5um),copper foil(6um-1.5mm),width:150mm-400mm.

Roller mode: Two rollers up and down horizontal roll pressure, the drive is on the right of the feed end (Motor drive bit)

Work pressure: Pump station provide constant pressure, suitable for high pressure rolling of positive pole and low pressure adjustment of negative pole.

Equipment speed: No grade, the up and down roll line in the same speed.(Max20m/min)

Bearing clearance automatic adjustment function: Using the cylinder to adjust, open automatically.

Control way: PLC, touch screen digital control

Feeding part: φ76mmX450mm Gas expanding shaft unwinding, lock valve design, with blunt air gun

Picking platform: Stainless steel front feeding platform

Tension control: Through the shaft pressure sensor collect signal, magnetic powder brake adjustment(adjusting range: 2.3-20kg), constant tension can be set in the scope of 0-50N .

Correcting system: Photoelectric correction, linear guide(maximum range of movement is 100mm)

Corrective action: Stepper motor(1.27NM).

Mill dimension: About 2.9m X 1.2m X 2.1m

The shape of the mill line: 7.0m X 3.5m X 2.5m

Mill weight: About 14 tons

Mill line weight: About 14 tons



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