Tokyo-Keiki UFP-20 Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

- Measurement:
+ Applicable Fluid: Homogeneous and sonically conductive fluids(water, waste water, industrial water sea water, pure water, oil, ethylene glycol-water solution etc)
+ Range: Converted to flow velocity:  -30 m/s to+30 m/s
+ Method: Ultrasonic pulse transit time difference method
- Pipe & Flow Condition
+ Diameter: DN13mm ~ DN5000mm
+ Material: Materials which allow stable transit of ultrasonic waves such as steel, stainless steel, castings, ductile casting, PVC, PE, FRPM, etc
+ Turbidity: 10000 mg/L or less
+ Flow Condition: Fully developed and rotationally symmetrical flow profile required.
- Small Transducer: DN 13~50mm; -20~120°C
- Medium Transducer: DN 65 ~500mm ; -20~120 °C
- Large Transducer : DN 300~5000mm; -20~80 °C
- Measurement Accuracy of reading:
+ DN 13mm ~ 90mm: ± 2,0% (Velocity ≧ 1m / s); ± 0.02 m / s (Velocity <1m / s)
+ DN 100mm ~ 250mm: ± 0,75% (Velocity ≧ 1m / s); ± 0.0075m / s (Velocity <1m / s)
+ DN 300mm ~ 5000mm: ± 0.5% (Velocity ≧ 1m / s); ± 0.005 m / s (Velocity <1m / s)
- Analog Output: 1 port; 4-20 mAAllowable load resistance 550 ΩMax
- Function:
+ Thickness meter: Thickness meter function included (Range; 1~100mm / Accuracy; +/-0.1mm or +/-1.5%R.D. which is larger)
+ Multi-path measurement
2 path: Flow meter main unit is equipped with connector for transducer cable as standard. Transducer, fixture, extension cable for each path required.
2 channel: Flow meter main unit is equipped with connector for transducer cable as standard.Transducer, fixture, extension cable for each path required.
- Power Supply: DC 10~ 30 V(AC adaptor applicable on AC 90~ 264 V47~ 63 Hz)
- Internal Battery: 8 hours as Max. / Rapid charging 4 hours
- Main unit construction: Protection Degree IP65 (IEC 60529) / NEMA3
- Dimension: 135(W)x 250(L)x 68(H)mm
- Mass: Approx. 1.4kg (including battery)




Multi-Flow Measurement Function
Easy configurable for 2-Channel or 2-Path measurement

2-channel:Multi-flow measurement 2-path:Higher Stability
2-channel:Multi-flow measurement 2-path:Higher Stability

  • Energy Meter Function
    Energy flow rate measurements with Pt100 RTD option.
    Energy Meter Function

    Receiving-Echo Monitor Function
    Visual confirmation that receiving echo is “good”.
    Receiving-Echo Monitor Function
    Weather-proof structure IP65
    IP65 rating maintained even during measurement.
    Weather-proof structure IP65
  • USB Memory Data Transfer
    Logged data and site conditions can be storaged into internal memory.
    USB Memory Data Transfer
  • Language selection
    You can choose
    English, French, German, Italian,Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Example of flowmeter or massmeter basic system

Example of heatmeter basic system

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