Tonghui TH1951 数显万用表 (AC: 750V, 20A; DC: 1000V, 10A)

5 1/2 digit display(119,999 counts)

Measurement Condition

Calibration Cycle: one year

Operation Humidity:18°C−28°C, ≤90%RH; when resistor is 10M and 100M, ≤70%RH

Warming up Time: 30 min

Accuracy is expressed as: +/- (% of reading + % of range)

Temperature coefficient: 0°C--18°C & 28°C--40°C,+0.1%×accuracy /°C

Following is the specification at slow mode, others please refer the operation manual.

DC Voltage range: 100mV; 1V; 10V; 100V; 1000V

DC Current range: 10mA; 100mA; 1A; 10A

AC Voltage range: 100mV; 1V; 10V; 100V; 750V

AC current range: 10mA/1A/10A

Ω 2W/Ω 4W range: 100 Ω; 1 kΩ; 10 kΩ;100 kΩ; 1 MΩ; 10 MΩ; 100 MΩ

Frequency Range: 5Hz~10 Hz; 10Hz~100Hz; 100Hz~100 kHz; 100k~1.1MHz

Working temperature & humidity: 0°C-40°C, ≤90%RH

Power supply: 

- Voltage: 198V-242VAC,99V-121VAC

- Frequency: 47.5Hz-63Hz

Power consumption: ≤ 10 VA

Dimensions (W×H×D): 277mmx115mmx340mm

Weight: Approx. 2.2 kg

Instrument Accessories

TH26036 test leads one pair (black and red)

Power cord


TH10003 GPIB interface board

TH12023 RS232C control software

TH26041 Glided shorting plate

TH26039 4 terminal Kelvin test clip

TH26040 SMD component test clip

TH12022 Accuracy Calibration software




TH1951 TH1961
Full Scale Reading (digits)119,9991,199,999119,99911,999
Reading Rate(meas/sec)DC V,DC I4 21657
AC V,AC I3 1.5425
Ω  2W4 21657
Ω  4W3 1.51033
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